Saturday, February 21, 2009

Slow Economy = Green Planet

A slow economy means diminished demand. A reduction in demand leads to price cut. Cost of crude oil in the international market is a live example of this demand and supply equation. Demand and supply always fluctuates between high and low, while raw material always takes a downward curve in its availability. When economy was free from recession, demand for petroleum products were high, and future speculation on its demand by the developed nations aggravated the problem. And, the result was sky high price in petrol. High price degenerated the petrol pump owners' moral and it lead to adulterated fuel. Adulterated fuel results in more pollution as more and more unburnt HC are released to the environment. I saw a true picture of this when I did the PUC for my car a few days back. Six months back, when unleaded petrol cost was Rs. 55 / litre, the Hydro Carbon emission was 107 PPM. And, after six months, when this cost reduced to Rs. 45 / litre, the emission is 35 PPM. These numbers give a live instance, how high petrol costs results in adulteration of fuel, however reputed the petrol pump is !!! A positive side of a slow economy. A Recession affected economy leads to a green planet. Unbelievable but true.

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