Thursday, February 12, 2009

sidhe apni aukad pe...

terrorist attack - denial - lie - denial - lie - .... - finally acceptance - that's what is called "apni aukad pe aa gaya" ... Pakistan has to finally admit that the filth which it had sent to India actually belonged to its soil. They should have done this acceptance long before. After all, its a shame on their face, the way they disowned their martyr. How the terrorits' families must have felt after their loved ones laid down their wasted lives for a wasted cause and after all these, again they are disregarded, disowned by their own country. It looked as though Ek Atankvadi Phir Se Ek Kutte Ki Maut Maara Gaya !!! Pakistan is a disease, and time is witness how its neighbours and literally the whole world is infected by it. But Pakistan is not like AIDS or Ebola. Its like cholera or typhoid. Sometimes it is fatal, but in other times it can be tackled. But the disease will exist till it is eliminated completely.

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