Thursday, January 29, 2009

Such a Joke !!!

India is a seriously a land of wonder. Here everything what happens around seems like a big joke. Another such joke was Aishwarya Rai & Akshay Kumar being conferred with the highest civilian award of the nation in this year's Republic Day - the Padma Shri award. When I first watched the news in TV, I was astonished to some extent. But, later I could realize that this is India. Here, kuch bhi ho sakta hain !!! But, I am still thinking the reasons or the contributions of those two celebrities for getting such an award. This is too much of a joke. If the award was on the basis of paying the highest Income Tax among all bollywood icons or on the basis of taking exemption from Income Tax showing invalid NRI status; then its ok. Otherwise, what the f**k ? The jury members must be out of their mind while shortlisting them or there is something seriously fishy. If Aishwaraya or Akshay can get such awards, then there are hell lot of other people who can be given such an award. Infact, I, myself should get Padma Shri. Because, there is no reason behind such awards. It clearly states the futility of such awards. Holy Shit !!!

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