Saturday, June 2, 2007

Love & Suffering ...

I love Paulo Coelho's writings, coz he sounds so very realistic to life. I have just started reading his book By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept, and just in the forward of the book, I got a stanza which I liked very much and I wanna put it down in my blog....

... And with love there are no rules. Some may try to control their emotions and develop strategies for their behavior; others may turn to reading books of advice - from experts of relationships - but this is all folly. The heart decides, and what it decides is all that really matters.
At some point of time, we have each said through tears, "I am suffering for a love that's not worth it". We suffer because we feel we are giving more than we receive. We suffer because our love is going unrecognized. We suffer because we are unable to impose our own rules. But ultimately there is no good reason for our suffering, for in every love lies the seed of our growth.
True love is an act of total surrender.

Well, what have been written sounds so good and spiritual. But, very few of us have that courage and strength to overcome the pain and suffering bestowed upon us by love. Life would have been so good to live, if one gets back the love one gives someone.

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