Saturday, March 3, 2007

the journey from Pune to Goa

the time was around 1:15AM... I along with my frends started off for Goa from Pune. It was my 1st long drive after I started driving, that too in the midnite. My only reason to come to Goa was the drive, pune to goa and then back home ... well the drive started off coolly. NH4 is too good... its a pleasure to drive in tar road rather than in concrete one. I maintained a constant speed of 80-100. By 4:00AM, we reached Kolhapur, from where we need to take diversion through Kolhapur town to catch NH17 for Panjim. None of us in car was sure of the route. We asked about the route whoever we met in the road. After around 30 minutes of hitch-hiking we took a route ...But... we ended up in catching the wrong route. It was tooo foggy at that time.. the visibility was almost zero... I was a bit scared as the road was very isloated with darkness prevailing all around. Never in my life, I saw such such fog, atleast when I am in a vehicle. I believe my frends were also fightened... But I congratulate myself that I did not do any mistakes as far as driving was concerned. After some distance, we saw a milestone which showed that the road will take us to Ratnagiri. So rather than enjoying in the beaches of Goa for the weekend, we would have ended in eating mangoes in Ratnagiri... So took a U, and returned to Kolhapur town.
by that time it was almost 5:00AM, and we could see people on the road. We did extensive queries, and finally we got the road which will take us to catch NH17. It was full Ghat road, but the drive was enjoyable. So finally we reached Goa by 10:30 in the morning .... This drive from Pune to Goa will always be a memorable one for me as it was my 1st drive of its kind .... I am writing this sitting in the hotel room in Goa... Lets see how the drive back home will be ...

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