Tuesday, February 20, 2007

idea of a perfect date !!!

sometimes I wonder about going on a date !!! well... I have not been luckier enuf till now to spend a nice evening in one of the most happening place with a member of the fairer sex... but it has not prevented me in fantasizing ... I think it should be nice lounge bar with beautiful crowds and soothing music ... I am very much particular about music though... Moderate rock should be good (with the impression that my most significant others also love rock). I can't expect heavy or death metal to be liked by a female. My date should be very beautiful, and should NOT be a borning one. She should acknowledge me even if I talk about SAN,NAS, Storage Arrays,Volume Manager !!! hehehe... I am sure a female will never feel bored with me (I am not very confident though). hmmmmm ..... enuf of day dreaming !!! back to work.... :-)

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