Sunday, March 18, 2007

one month of greenery

I was a born non-vegetarian ... and indeed I am a die hard non-veggiee.. but for the wierd and f**king skin problem which I am suffering from, I was advised by some of friends to avoid non-veg food quoting some real time examples ... I thought, why not give a try. So, I kept myself abstain from eating non-veg food for more than a month. I will always remember this one month of my green life !!! never in my life I was out of fish/meat for such a long time. But it was really difficult on my part to do so. But NO, it did not last long .... 5th Feb '07 to 11th Mar '07 was enuf. I am back to my original life .... but no red-meat & egg, only Chicken... yummy .......

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