Friday, March 9, 2007

comfortably irritated !!!

for me irritation knows no bound. I get irritated very easily, very frequently, with or without any reason. Sometimes, I get so much irritated that I end up behaving awkardly with my friends, colleagues and even with my family mumbers. But, at the end of the day, when I ask myself why was I so much irritated... I really dont have an answer. Probably, I feel unhappy at the pace or state of my life or somethings not going in my way ..... and I get irritated, I get depressed ... I look at the mirror and I feel like shouting at myself .... am I insane ?? am I paranoid ?? I dont know. some of my good friends try helping me getting rid of my irritation, but I shout at them tooo. Later when I am out of my state, I ask for excuse .... I feel I am leading an aimless life... I come to office ... I do my work... and when I ask myself.. WHY ?? I dont have an answer !!! am I sick ??? no, I am not ... its the way I am ... and hence I love being irritated... comfortably irritated.... !!! and I end up writing this type of harebrained blog... hehehe...

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