Sunday, July 10, 2005

My Identity ...

Its been 5 years, since I left my home land ... North East India ... for building a career, for a better tomorrow or whatever... As days passed .. one thing is becoming more and more clear ... Its about the apathy of the so-called mainstream Indians towards people from the North East. I feel these mainstream Indians find bliss in ignorance about my birth place. When I tell people, I am from Shillong, some questions me with a raised eye-brow "where is it ?".. some asks .. is it the capital of nagaland or manipur.... others tell with a sarcastic smile .. "actually ... u cant remember about such far away places..." Once it happened in my professional life that one of my colleague [older than me].. asked .. "Is Shillong a part of China ?" ... some other day, another person asked me ... "Do u guys there, think u r a part of India?" These things are really disgusting and demoralising. I cant understand the attitude of these people... But one thing I can tell them with full confidence that.. may be we are poor, our standard of leaving is low, may be we dont have techie IT park, Pizza-Hut, McDonald, Pubs etc etc... but we are devoid of all the f**king evils which these main stream Indians possess... dowry, gender-biasing, communal feelings etc. I remember.. in Dec. '92, when the whole nation was burning with the fire of communal riots, we people from this part of India were leading normal lives. So, only thing I always want to tell all those privileged Indians... "Wake Up Dude, before its too late"... and I mean it.

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Anonymous said...

I agree.

One of the best places to born in India is the north east. It has none of the evils that Indian society has.

Despite being close (geographically) to shitty places like Bihar, there is so much order in society.

I just wish

There was lots of prosperity
Good politics
No terrorism


berin said...

I truely agree with you saurav people seriously need to read geography and know INDIA and especially NE. they are so ignornant about NE....sometime i want to tell them are u really from INDIA