Thursday, July 7, 2005


Whenever I visit places (in Pune) like Esquare, Pune Central etc. and I see beautiful crowds [of my opposite sex] mingling with nice people of my sex, I start feeling something different. When I can't figure out whats that feeling is.. my peers term it as my frustrations or desperations... !!! I have to admit coz they show my being single and no one to mingle as a point... I wonder .. what those guys have .. what I dont have ... for which they can mingle and are not single... Is it money ? Is it attitude ? Is it look ? Is it courage ? Is it Talent or Is it all of the above ... I dont have an answer .... And when I cant find answers to my question - Why not Me ???.. I simply put a tag to the whole thing as "JINA ISI KA NAAM HAI !!!"

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lets see....

I dont know who u are, never seen u. Dont take this personally.But I can tell u some common reasons why guys end up single

1.they dont tell the girl/s they like
2.they dont take baths -trust me, big turn off: So, invest in a good deo and use some talcum powder if Pune is very sweaty. I dont know.
3.they are not chivalrous enough. Open that goddamn door. Walk next to her protectively. Shes crossing the road, heres ur chance to hold her hand.
4. To begin with, smile at the girl. DONT flirt with her friends...u will lose them all...
5. Invest in some good clothes
6. Send her stuff (links , forwards) which mite interest her
7. SHow interest in her day to day :khana khaya...etc etc...