Friday, July 29, 2005

Black Tuesday... !!!

It was 26th of July... I got totally wet while coming to office as it was raining cats and dogs... as i sat in my cube with my piles of work.. I was totally unaware whats happening outside the world of bits and bytes.. At about 3pm we got a mail that there is flood like situation in Pune and everybody is asked to leave for home... I got very excited at this and headed for home at once ... My brother was driving the car and I was enjoying the high current of flood water through the window... Finally we reached our apartment... Bro asked me to have a test drive with the car inside the campus... Mind you guys.. I never ever drove a car before that ... So it was a maiden drive for me... I started off well... releasing the clutch gradually.. changing to 1st gear.. and was really very happy... But after a minute or so... I plunged the car into a deep accumulation of flood water in my campus... water was coming inside the car like anything and I was totally in panic.. Somehow brother managed to take out the car from the water... but till then my knee was under water.. while I was inside the car.. By God's grace .. the car engine was not afftected at all .. but we are still waiting for the inside of it to dry up. It turned out to be such a bad day for me... I drove a car for the 1st time and plunged it into a pool of flood water... My God ...!!! Really a Black Tuesday.. coz on the same day there was great devastation in all over Mumbai, Pune and other adjoining parts ...

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