Saturday, July 16, 2005

Aurat ko ITEM kehte ho ???

This is one topic, on which I was thinking to write for a long time now. Its about something which I do when I go to theatres, malls or other hang out places. Ya this is something which I have christined as "Item Dekhna" or in common term.. Bird Watching... he he he.."Item ?", ya thats the way I call the beautiful, young and vibrant female crowds in Pune.. guys.. Puneri Items are simply mind blowing.. they are just too good. One of my friend once commented on me .."Aare Haloi, tum toh Pune mein rehke totaly suwar[pig] ban gaye ho... Aurat ko ITEM kehte ho???"... I think he was inspired by Irfan Khan in the movie Rog ... !!! But I keep doing my Item Watching .. I enjoy it yaar ... But as I watch items, I also keep categorising them... some of the categories which are worth mentioning are ::

SSD Items : Short, Slim and Dark Items [inspired by TDH for men]
Yummy Items : These are generally high class items, looks like models.. I compare them with my favorite food
Yuckky Items : These are just not worth watching .. but they posses the traits of a modern gal
Baccha Items : Items in their earley teens
Aunty Items : ........... ??? .........
Nurse Items : seen in hospitals... :-))

... and the list continues....

but one thing is common to all .... "WOW .. kya Item hai"... before I caregorise them.. and life is moving with all these mis-adventures. Readers are hearby warned, not to make any filthy comments on any of my Item category.. coz ITEMS are gifts of God...

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Anonymous said...

you should disallow anonymous posting. else some item may post something which you do not want to be posted :)

Anonymous said...

How about

- Nice looking, but not interested in you items?

- Intelligent wont give u two pennies items?

- Smart and u wouldnt be able to say anything beyond hi items?