Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cabin Fever

A few days back I watched Jack Nicholson starer, a 1980 flick, The Shining. Its one of those spine-chilling movies I ever watched. All Work No Play, Makes Jack A Dull Boy stuff was the best. Another one was the young kid uttering REDRUM in a sense of trance and writing it in the doors, the mirror image of which spell MURDER. Jack was driven crazy by the cabin fever or solitary confinement in the hotel. I often proudly say to my colleagues and friends that I can spend days and days inside the house, totally solo, like I did during the year end break last year. There is nothing called cabin fever which can affect me. But, lemme rethink now. I say, I can spend time in a solo state for days and days; but I get crazy even if my internet is down for more than one day or my TV subscription is over. But given a chance, I would surely like to experience a Cabin Fever, not in a scary place like the Overlook Hotel, but some place else, more decent. A TV with all sorts of channels, unlimited food supplies, some basic medicines, a dog (preferably a Labrador Retriever), lots of books (fictions mainly) and lots of DVDs should be enough to spend 2-3 months atleast, I suppose. And, the place should be a cold place and with snowfalls if possible. Hello.... wake up.. there is nothing called even a Free cabin fever !!!

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