Sunday, January 17, 2010

Belief Triumphs ...

People talk about Windows 7, MacOS X, Ubuntu... and what not. Although all my personal computing needs are fulfilled by Windows XP and Fedora Linux, but when it comes to doing stuff in larger scale, like my job assignments, I have a very deep belief and trust on the Solaris operating system by SUN. I think Solaris has the cleanest kernel among all OSes and all that is needed for enterprise computing. So, often I compare Solaris with other OSes like Linux, HP-UX or AIX and (try to) make fun of my colleagues who don't work in Solaris. Till now Solaris also never betrayed me. I never encountered anything for which I had to conclude with a remark that its a limitation on the part of the OS. It was just on last Friday, me and my colleague had to fix a kernel panic. The panic was preventing the machine to come up. At the first glance, it looked so simple. Just boot the system in a single user mode, do fsck on the corrupt file system and restore the kernel drivers or configurations which created the panic. But NO. Hours and hours of trial went in vain. No logs, system messages were of any help, nor we were missing something very obvious. It was frustrating. The other way was to take a backup of the stuffs and have a reinstall. But, it appeared to be a too average way of doing things. So trials and trials ... Finally the system came up cleanly, may be after 6-7 hours of our war on Panic :-). Something clicked the mind at the right time and it worked. What was done is beyond the scope of this post but concluding remark of the whole exercise will be "Belief Alone Triumphs" !!! It was indeed a great satisfaction.

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In search of something called LIFE said...

Thanks for saving my nemo :)

saurav said...

@In search of something called LIFE

Most Welcome :)