Sunday, November 22, 2009

the year that was

Today is the 326th day of 2009 and 39 more days to go. The year passed by just at the blink of the eyes. Till today, 2009 seemed to be a okay, so so year for me. Hopefully, rest of the days will also pass in similar fashion. Apart from a vacation in US and an official trip to a South East Asian nation, the year was nothing different. The best thing of the year will be the new member in our family. My niece. Professionally. the year was just like the previous years. Recession ruled the financial side. No hikes, nothing. But thanks to God that I have a Job till now. I tried a number of expensive joints in the city and wasted a lot of mullahs in the weekends. But, I did nothing special, which is worth remembering, in the whole year. May be another year fully wasted. Lets see what happens in 2010.

So understand
Don't waste your time always searching for Those wasted years
Face up... make your stand, And realize you're living in the golden years

hmmm, that sounds like a nice consolation for a year wasted.

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