Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Children's Day ...

14th November... or Children's Day... A day I would like to remember more as a day dedicated to all privileged and under-privileged kids of the country rather than the birthday of the 1st prime minister of independent India. Till 12 years ago or so, this day had a great significance in my life. We used to have Children's Day celebration in our school. Whole day you play, the teachers will cook lunch for you. And whatever naughty things you do, you wont be scolded on that day. 14th November used to be in the last days of the academic year, as the annual exam starts a week or so after that. So, being a nerd, I used to have some tension for exam also. Anyways, 14th Nov was a day much awaited those days. Times have really passed faster... Another day which remind me that we are getting older ... But still we can try to find the children within ourselves and try to celebrate the day.

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