Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Quiet Friday Evening ...

End of a not so busy day at office. Moreover its a Friday evening. There was a time when I loved Friday evenings. I used to send forwarded emails with messages like Thanks God Its Friday. But I no longer thank God for a Friday, nor I send anyone, any emails with messages like Happy Weekend. Those days I was happy as the weekend has finally come, but then too I was confused what to do and how to spend 2 long paid time offs. May be I was going through quarter life crisis those days, and now I have survived that crisis. I no longer feel confused about how to spend the weekend. I know, either I will be in office on Saturday, and cleaning my not so dirty house on Sunday and cooking my lunch and dinner for both days. Television will be always ON for both the days.
       in your head... in your head... Zombie, zombie, eee.....   Aah, that's my mobile ringing and I see "Mom Calling" ... end of a quiet Friday evening dream as I was lying down in the sofa and pretending to watch a crappy Hindi movie in TV.. May be a symptom of Middle Life Crisis ??

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1 comment:

In search of something called LIFE said...

Considering your age, I believe you should still be going through Quarter life crisis dude... :D