Sunday, November 22, 2009

Desi Rock

Desi rock is getting popular among Bollywood. Call it a change in trend (very late though) or may be because of the energy, enthusiasm, style associated with it. Was Magik the 1st Bollywood rock band ? I don't know... may be yes. But the message in the movie Rock On was very much true. Desi rock has not matured, and its a long way to go, to get the level of professionalism needed to be a successful band. Launch Pad by Channel [V], and recently Rock On by MTV are some of the efforts for popularizing Desi Rock. Rock in India is still an UMM (Underground Music Movement), apart from a few successful indigenous bands like Parikrama, Pentagram, Agni, Mother Jane... to name a few. But these bands can't be exactly called Desi Rock Bands, as their lyrics are in English, while Desi Rock should be in Hindi or any Indian native language. Comparatively, Bangla Rock is at a high maturity level and North East is not behind. Still, Desi rock is something, which is just at infancy. However, its a positive sign that rock as a form of music is getting popular among mainstream music and Bollywood will be very helpful popularizing and spreading it to the masses. One thing, which I personally appreciate these days is that a rock version of a number is included in some of the movie OSTs. And, looking into the quality of those numbers, I can proudly say that Desi Rock is not very far behind. Some of the songs, the rock version of which I found very soothing are:

  • Mit Jaye (Kidnap - 2008) 
  • Emosanal Attyachaar (Dev D - 2009)
  • Tum Mile (Tum Mile - 2009)
  • Dil Ibaadat (Tum Mile - 2009)

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