Sunday, January 18, 2009

a feel good feeling

I enjoy shopping. It really gives me a lot of satisfaction and relaxation. And, 50% off Happiness Sale kind of shopping is like WOW. But, the crowd and the rush in the malls during those times really betrays me. The commotion takes away all the pleasures of shopping. Today, as I was waiting in the queue of such a shopping festival to pay my shopping bills in one of my favorite malls in town, I found a different reason to feel good. As the counter guy was scanning the barcodes and people were paying their bills, I was thinking the backbone of the whole electronic system was powered by the softwares written by my company. Be it the storage virtualization software, or the file-system, or the clustering solution behind it; its something on which I have contributed something. I was wondering how the data was going over the wire to a backend database, sitting on top of a file system and volume manager and how a cluster of nodes was responsible to make the whole system highly available. A feel good feeling rush through my body and mind and I end up looking at other shopping cravy people with a feeling of pride !!!

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1 comment:

Komal said...

wow! a real techie! :d