Monday, January 19, 2009

Height of Positive Thinking !!!

Few years back, may be in 2003, I watched Rahul Bose's Mumbai Matinee. Infact that was the 1st movie I watched in a multiplex paying 90 bucks for a ticket. Mumbai Matinee is a light comedy and feel good movie about a 32 year old virgin man (played by Rahul Bose), desperately seeking to lose his virginity. And in the way of doing so he suffers from a hell lot of trouble but in the end he gets a hot babe (played by Parizad Zorabia) as his life partner. Going in the same line of thought, let me think myself as a 26 year old virgin, but ofcourse not as desperate as Rahul Bose was !!! But, does anybody in this world dies virgin ? I believe, a person should be blessed a ton to die a virgin. Nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all. told by none other than Kurt Cobain (vocalist & founder of American grunge rock band Nirvana) And, thats what I call the height of positive thinking for a virgin like me ... Be +ve yaar... !!!

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