Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Trek to Lohgad

A random plan, and we started off for a trek to Lohgad. Lohgad is famous for the fort of Shivaji and is in the Lonavla Range. I along with 2 of my friends started early in the morning of Sep 6. Idea was to catch local train from Pune Station, get down at Malavli, a station just before Lonavla. So, we took the 8 o'clock local and reached Malavli by 9 am. From there its around 10KM trek to the top of the mountain where the fort is located. Malavli is also famous for Karla Caves, a heritage symbol, built during the reign of Ashoka. The trek to Lohgad is not at all dangerous and any ordinary trekker like me will be able to make it. It should take about 2 hrs. to reach for a regular trekker, but when people like me treks, it took 3.5 hrs to reach there. We reached the fort at around 12:30. As it was a rainy season it was full of greenery, a soothing feeling for the eyes. Many other groups of trekkers were also there. I was really amazed by the art of construction, the engineers of Shivaji must have followed while building the fort. It was too good and worth going there. We spent some time there, trekked some nearby hillocks, took rest. Breathed air which must be exactly 21% rich in Oxygen. But, I was totally exhausted on my way itself, with pains in legs and multiple cramps. By around 3:30 we started descending down. There was a nice restaurant down the fort, where we enjoyed yummy Maharashtrian food. We reached Malavli station back by 6, took a local train to Pune. We were back in Pune by 8:00. It was a nice experience and a great day spent. Still feel the pain in legs and the joints :-)

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