Sunday, September 28, 2008

they laugh, then I laugh ;-)

I wish I am cool, damn care. But I often lose my cool and sometimes even care a lot for anything or everything. But I feel being cool is sometimes the answer to all the questions, raised eye brows which we come across every now and then. I read this quote somewhere, which I find real cool.

They laugh because I'm different, I laugh because they are all same.
Indeed that's called attitude. I come across people who asks me What? You Stay Alone? I just smile and say I like it that way but in my mind I say "cut that crap dude, give me a break". Some so called friendly or social morons ask me What? You go to movies alone ? I again smile and say its fine... I really enjoy it. I know they spend many hours before the movie just calling their so called friends and asking if they would like to go for the movie. These are some of the instances. But, if someone thinks like the title of this post, many unpleasant experiences can be avoided. I see people looking at my vitiligo laden parts with a raised eye brow, and I try to give a damn to it. Its difficult, but I am learning and I know the feeling will be just normal someday. I will laugh at them because I am different, while they are all same. Such a pity ;-)

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1 comment:

shilpahak said...

There is nothing wrong in going to the movies all alone...or being alone.I do that all the time...and I am a girl. If we love our own company ...noone has any right to comment on why we tend to do what we do.At least we are not the types who need a whole gang to do anything we like