Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Cowards strikes again...

The God or In The Name of God ... how does it matter? What matters is how many innocent people lost their lives, how many lost their near & dear ones ??? 5 blasts in the capital of the country and we are just sitting and watching. It will again be forgotten as yet another terrorist attack. The scar will only remain in the lives of people who lost someone close to their hearts. They will continue to do such ghastly acts. They wont stop. Does cockroaches ever stop hiding in toilets and spread diseases ? NO. Once again they proved their cowardliness by killing innocent people. I feel the time has come to strike back. It wont help just by sitting at home and writing blogs. Something has to be done, else tomorrow it will be my turn to lose someone/something. One thing which still makes me feel relaxed is that I can walk with my head held high because I can say that I don't belong to that class of people who eat the food of this country, drink its water, multiply here like anything and do treachery to the country itself, where they had born.

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