Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Size Zero"... A boon to Food Crisis ?

Recently, after the bollywood movie "Tashan", I have seen a lot of articles about SIZE ZERO appearing in newspapers and magazines. People are talking about it after seeing Kareena Kapoor's rickets laden body in the movie. So, I did some findings about what this myth is all about. Size Zero is basically women's vital statistics bearing the numbers 32-24-32 as per US catalog. There was a time when 36-28-36 used to rule the fantasy of men, and now women are trying hard to get the Size Zero figure. Size Zero got much hype, after World Health Organization classified body mass index below 18 as unhealthy and Madrid Fashion Week - 2006 actually debarred models with such body from participating in the event. Whatever, lets look at the positive sides. If majority of the women started thinking about attaining size zero, then in the current scenario when the food grains price is sky soaring, it will be a relive for poor people like me :-) Except for that I wont get to see a idle figure matching my fantasy in malls and multiplexes, I feel Size Zero is a boon to today's world... Models are starving themselves to feed the world. Thats great... after all everybody should try to contribute one way or the other for the welfare of mankind. I am proud of all you ladies... Hats and whatever clothings I have... everything off to you ... ;-)

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1 comment:

shilpahak said...

Quite a thought :-)..Even though I have left the company and don't get to read your posts in the newsgroup ,your blog still makes a fine read.
I blame the media for the situation call her rattlebone body "sexy" and have other birdbrained gals emulate and starve themselves.