Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Fate of the House Sparrow

50 years from now, the production house 22nd Century Fox will make a movie called Passer Domesticus. In this movie, some big shot scientist will make a park similar to Jurassic Park of our time. But this park will not be inhabited by Dinosaurs, but by a small cute bird called "House Sparrow". Its all because, the most common bird of our time, the house sparrow will be extinct by that time and we will need some way to tell our grand-children about them. I recently read some articles about the fate of this bird. Thanks to modernization and the concrete jungle we are building, that these birds are finding it difficult to survive. House Sparrows are very reluctant to changes in the environment. They are not very efficient in the struggle for survival. In this era, they are not finding proper place to build nest, they are not getting enough food to feed their children as sparrows mainly survive with insects and human kill the insects with pesticides. And in this struggle for food and habitation, they are not as competent to pigeons and other similar birds. And, the result is, sparrows are drastically declined in number day by day. So, these sparrows are also becoming another brick in the wall of extinction. I am proud to belong to the species homo sapiens. I am again successful in wiping out someone from this planet.

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