Sunday, November 12, 2006

What I admire most !!!

Well, its been almost 2.5 years now in the world of bits & bytes from a professional view and alomost 7 years to step into this wonderful world, where imagination and thinking rules the supreme. Till now, I have worked in or touched almost all flavors of this world; and I admire each and everyone who have been involved to make this revolution a success and has simplified our lives to an extent, which is beyond explanation. If I am asked to make a list of the players in this world, I will put two companies at the 1st slot. And, thats Microsoft & SUN Microsystems. I feel, there is a little bit of Microsoft in every body's life. Microsoft has helped the IT revolution to touch the common lives. I really dont know why people gives sarcastic remarks on Microsoft, may be its their utter apathy to know about the stuffs Microsoft has given us or may be .. I dont know. On the other side, it will be SUN. Mann, such a vision. SUN is everywhere, when we talk about the higher end of the IT world. Although, less known to the common people until Java came in, but take the enterprise world, SUN is the leader. From, complex hardwares to robust Solaris... Hates Off to all the brains behind it.

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crazzybouy said...

Very true!!!