Sunday, December 24, 2006

Gaining Confidence ....

well... its been many months now, that I started to learn maunal transmission cars... a journey of utter failures to little joy ... At the outset, I thought I can't... initially I was tense about getting the learner's license... where one is tested on the traffic signals ... and I scored 10/10 in the online test. Then came the tension of getting the permanent license. Mann.. I was not at all sure what will I do in the driving test. The driving school which I joined initially screwed and cheated me badly... Finally the driving test was over ... and yeahhhh .. I passed. I got the license .... and I think I can drive well in flat road, I am a bit tense about driving in slope, when u hv to stop, your half cluth dont work and the engine stops. I hope I will do it finally.... let me seee... but finally I am gaining some confidence and the feeling that "I can Drive" is giving me some joy ... !!!

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