Sunday, September 5, 2010

To crib or not to crib ?

"Crib" - I could never find a meaning of this word in the context of my usage. I crib a lot i.e I complain a lot without doing anything about to tackle my complaints by myself. I was wondering if there is an English word to describe such a behavior. Indeed, I crib a lot. I crib about the potholes ridden roads, shitty traffic, unethical way of driving in the road. I even crib about my work, salary, designation and even about people around me. While some of the cribs, I think are not in my control but a majority of the others are either utter nonsenses or it needs a lot of actions on my part. I think sometimes that I should not crib, but I get confused when I hear people saying that you don't get anything if you don't crib, specially in the corporate world. In the other world, ruled by corrupt bureaucrats and government officials, the art of cribbing has no place. In corporates, whether you need a raise in your perks or need a trip abroad or anything you desire to have, you have to crib. And, over the time, I feel, I am slowly entering in the labyrinth of cribbing. Sometimes I crib, ya I do a lot. I have seen the effectiveness of cribbing on other peoples. When I see a crib getting answered in the way one wanted, I get confused whether its a positive side of cribbing or is it a mediocrity of those who answer the cribs. One thing I feel, you crib most when you keep comparing yourself with others and it probably happens due to lack of self recognition or self confidence. But, then you crib that you did not get the right opportunity to recognize your true potential.One crib brings another crib. This way, the process of cribbing continues in a recursive manner, until the mind overflows (Stack Overflow!).

I still try to find the answer of to crib or not to crib ?

P.S : I don't know if "Crib" is the right spelling for the word I was trying to write about. I could not find it in any of the dictionary.

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In search of something called LIFE said...

It ll be good exercise to count the number of times "crib" is being used in this post. I ll call it cribby post :D
Dhondu... just Chill!

saurav said...

"Dhondu" ... hehehe nice word :-D