Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Joy of Buying

I enjoy shopping a lot; let it be buying clothes, technical books. But a few days back, I enjoyed buying something different. I bought a Twitter app called Gravity for my Symbian phone. Its an amazing piece of software, with a great UI in just $10. Actually, this is the first software I have bought. Most of the softwares for my personal computing needs are accomplished with free softwares. Firefox, YM, Gtalk, Skype, VLC, FileZilla, WinSCP, NotePad++, DevC++. The operating system is from OEM and office suite is under my employer's volume license. And since I work in a security company, the antivirus is from free for employee offer. On the Linux side, everything is just free. I rely on Save As PDF in MS Office for making PDF files or sometimes even do a online conversion where the content of my doc is not confidential. So, never actually felt the need of buying software. So, buying Gravity was a great feel good experience. It supports Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader and a few others, but I bought it mainly for Twitter. I would highly recommend Gravity who is a Twitter user and want to use it in his mobile phone.

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