Sunday, July 18, 2010

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Finally, the day of the demo came. I along with another colleague were developing a prototype for almost a month and we had to demonstrate it to some fellows very high in the hierarchy. Since the demo was meant to be shown to people across geographical sites, we decided to go for a backup video, in case the network play foul. There was no GUI involved, just a few SSH sessions were to be recorded as we execute the programs. Just a 10 min demo video may be. We had the right video making software, the right infrastructure, but still it took us almost 5 hours to record the final video. Every time something or the other goes wrong and hence we had to repeat it. Towards the end of it we almost had gone nuts, but could produce a nice video. And, the demo and everything went fine. Later, when I thought over it, I realized how much hard work actually went for such a small video and people make movies of hours with actual human beings. Just think about the effort and work involved, may be even for those movies which we tag as B -Grade. And, it takes such a small time to judge if a movie is a hit or a flop. The movie critics who actually earn a lot of money just by saying that all those efforts are piece of shits, and is not worth the bucks. Probably, hard work is not everything. If it is, a donkey would have been the most acclaimed and appreciated animal.

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Sravan said...

This is true for many things, from cooking food to writing code to making movies. It is true that a lot of intentions and efforts go into it.

The judgment however is of the final act. An individual praising or criticizing the work is one thing, and might appear cruel. But the rewards are an aggregate of all such individual's opinions.