Friday, July 2, 2010

6 Yrs. and counting

Yesterday, I completed six years of my professional life. I still remember the day when I started my career. New place, new people, indeed everything was new. Excited, and nervous. I told to myself, everything will be just fine. Six years have passed since and here I am. During all these years, I learned a lot of things, technical, non-technical, political and what not. I have grown from a college guy to a man, more matured, responsible. I have learned to control my emotions at work place, but on this sphere I still have a long way to go. Earned some moolah, paid back some share to the society. Next year, or may be year after that or some more years after that, when I sit and want to write about that year's anniversary of my professional life, I want to write something different from what I am writing today. Something more than just about earning my bread. I hope I'll !!!

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