Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1..2..3.. 4th today

Today is the 4th day of the 9 days Year End Break. 3 days passed just at the blink of the eyes. Of course I did not do anything special in these 3 days ummm 3.5 days now... Just slept, ate, watched TV, read newspaper, peeped through the pages of some books from my engineering curriculum and surfed the net. Yesterday, felt like writing an extension for Firefox which I was thinking for a long time, but realized that it needs a good knowledge of Java Script and X(ML)UI language. So ditched it. But frankly speaking, I am not bored at all in these days. Infact I am finding it hard to believe now that 3.5 days have already passed. People find it frightening to stay back at home all day, but I somehow enjoy it. Call me a lazy fellow, or whatever, that's how I am passing my days or may be weekends and holidays of last 2-3 years. Only worry is that nothing productive was done. I don't know why, may be I forgot the definition of being productive or doing productive. Just letting the days to go in its own. No plan, no strategy ... I mean that's what is vacation is for. Just connect with myself. I believe its good to spend atleast a week time of the year with oneself. May be most people don't get the opportunity and some don't want to do it. I feel myself to be lucky in that context.

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1 comment:

Sravan said...

Have you checked out Ubiquity for creating Firefox add-ons? Do, if you haven't: https://mozillalabs.com/ubiquity/. You can create decent "commands" without much JS knowledge. I wrote a tiny command to search Gutenberg catalogues as a trial when Ubiquity was first launched.

Laziness is a virtue. :-)

Why are you even thinking about not being productive? This is a break. Come to think about it, when you connect with your inner self, you are likely to find ways to make yourself more productive during the non-vacation time.

P.S. Yes, Shillong rocks. I've only heard about the rock scene, but I know a little more about the literature scene.