Thursday, July 23, 2009

a wish then, a reality now

15 - 16 years ago, when I was in school, I had just seen computers in TV or in magazines. My school didn't have computer as it was a luxury item then and only rich schools had it. But I had collected a lot of information about computer, how does it work, its components ... blah blah. Those days, when I used to write class notes or do home work, I imagined what if I have a computer and I just type in the question and it gives me the answer. But, as per information I collected, I knew that it was not possible. Computer could do only something which you instruct it to do. But, a decade after, this hypothesis no longer is valid. Now computer can do anything. Ask it anything, it will answer. I just recollected these things, because today I had to check if 437 is a prime number for one of my work items. I was too lazy to write a program or a script to do it. So, I typed into google "Is 437 a Prime Number ?" And, yes I was presented with a handful of results. One of them correctly states 437 is not a prime number. 19 multiplied by 23 yields 437. I stared at my workstation and with a sigh said... Wish you were there then !!! Writing notes would have been real fun...

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