Sunday, July 26, 2009

from Led Zeppelin to Kailash Kher

Music not only makes the singer(s) famous but places as well; specially, when the song is based on a particular place. Led Zeppelin's song Kashmir must have carried the name of the paradise on earth to people who did not know such a place exist in the world. Ofcourse, Kashmir is already famous for the dispute between India & Pakistan which makes it famous for the wrong reasons. Just heard a song from our own Indian singer Kailash Kher's new album Kailasa Chaandan Mein. Its called Bheeg Gaya Mera Mann (Cherrapunjee). Its a nice song with a Sufi genre. Now, many people in our country itself won't know what is Cherrapunjee ? Cherrapunjee is the wettest place in the planet earth. Its a place 60 KM from Shillong (my birth place) and that's why it make me more enthusiastic about it. I am sure many people will do some Google to know what Cherrapunjee means [ if they don't know already :-( ] after listening this song. That's the power of music. The lyrics of the song is awesome too !!!

Listen & Sing Along...

Teekhi teekhi nakuli si boondein
Behke behke se baadal uneende
Geet gaati hawa mein
Gungunaati ghataa mein
Bheeg gaya mera mann

Ho mastiyon ke ghoont pee
Shokiyon mein tair jaa
Ishq ki galiyon mein aa
In palon mein ther jaa
Rab ka hai yeh aaina
Shakla haan isko dikha
Zindagi gudh daud hai
Do ghadi le le mazaa

Chamke chamke yeh jharno ke dhaare
Pal mein malmal se padti fuhaare
Ped hai manchale se
Patte hai chulbule se
Bheeg gaya mera mann

Dagmagaati chandni
Has rahi hai josh mein
Aur patange gaa rahe
Raag maal kos mein
Banke naache behaaya
Besharam pagli hawa
Zindagi milke gale
Has rahi de de dua
Barse barse re ambar ka paani
Jisko pee pee ke dharti deewani
Khil khilane lagi hai
Muskurane lagi hai
Bheeg gaya mera mann

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