Friday, June 12, 2009

The Can of Coke

It dates back to April 1995. Although, coke was launched much before that, but the red colored can of coke was just becoming popular in my place. If I remember correctly, it used to cost 15 bucks. However, for me (or may be for people like us), it was a luxury to drink a can of coke. But, looking at our enthusiasm, or may be desire, dad got us 2 cans of coke. I remember this, because it should be 13th or 14th of April - during Axxomiya New Year (Bihu) times. The whole things doesn't end here. After finishing the cans, I cut open the mouth of it, for making it a holder for pens, pencils etc. And 2 years back, in 2007, when I was in my native place, I saw the same can of coke, nicely put in a table (which used to be my study table). And, I am quite sure that its still there. After 14 years, that can is not just a pen holder anymore. Its a repository of my teenage days. A rememberance of those simple and entropy free days. Which cease to exist now. The God of Small Things ??? These type of remembrance looks silly... but I feel it takes us away from too much materialistic feelings which reigns everybody's heart and mind.

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Komal said...

sweet! :)