Friday, June 5, 2009


"Bing Is Not Google"... B.I.N.G ... a GNU way of saying GNU is Not Unix.

That's what Microsoft calls its new search engine. I checked out bing without comparing it to google and I liked it. Specially, the driving directions it gives. Surprisingly, bing could give me the right way to my house from my office. Since its the Microsoft's way, I liked the interface as well. Above all, bing does some socially sensitive searching. When I search SEX in it , it gives me the following result:

The search sex may return sexually explicit content.
To get results, change your search terms.

An India specific search result ? Whaterver... Microsoft has also released an official mozilla extension to add bing as a search engine into firefox. But, its always good to use it with IE 8. Somehow, I didn't get a good feel of using MS Virtual Earth with browsers other than IE. Necessity is often the mother of invention. When MS couldnot get Yahoo under its umbrella, it came out with bing.

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