Monday, April 13, 2009

Sippin' in the Summer Sun

Back to blogging after many weeks. Its the summer time. Mercury is soaring at 40 degrees and the the environment around is even hotter with Election '09 fever. BJP is promising Ram Rajya, Congress wants support for another 5 years. Some other are publishing their manifesto with grudge against computers, mechanized farming and English education and some doing their usual blame games. But, till now I have not heard anyone promising 24x7 water and electricity, safety & security to life and property, job opportunities, better roads and communication. Basic necessities of life will be as usual missing. Election means nothing but again some Dhoti-Kurta morons or criminals securing their lives for another 5 years. This election will be proved again as another brick in the wall. Sounds pessimistic, but true. I am busy with my usual life, unforseen problems and in the end life is just passing by. I am in a foot ball ground along with 21 other odd players, but I can't see the goal keeper or the goal post. But, everyday I am just running behind a stupid ball, kicking it, passing it ... and its just going on ... and on ...

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