Monday, April 27, 2009

201st Post

writing my 201st post. 4 years of blogging... 200 posts ... not a bad count at all. Intially, I used to blog, because I loved to blog. Now a days I blog because if I am not blogging for a few weeks, I feel my blog has gone stale. Anyways... But life has not changed much in all these years. In some cases, it has gone worst. Life is going very slow and boring for past few months. A vacation gave pleasure for few weeks, but after that, its still the same old life. People says, take a break... a change is necessary. But, I believe, its great only for the days you are off. Once you come back, you are back to square one. Statutory Warning: Feeling bored in recession time can be fatal. Whatever, life is full of boredom. To overcome my boredom, I was trying to find out what the mental state is called when one don't find anything interesting, everything appears too ho-hum. May be it will kill some of my boredom. I am just beating about the bush. But, seriously, I am bored with life.

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