Monday, September 24, 2007

weekend in Alibaugh

a cool weekend after many weeks. I along with my colleagues went to Alibaugh for a office sponsored trip. we started at around 9AM on Saturday morning. The journey was good, with lot of masti and fun in the bus. Reached there at around 1PM, checked into a resort already booked for us. After lunch, we went to Kihim Beach. I had some fun in the water but more fun with some beach dogs. Came back to our rooms by 8PM, and there was a DJ night arranged for us in the resort. Danced a lot to the tune of music. All my wild dances (I hardly know how to dance). Did a lot of prank in the dinner time and finally dozed off by midnight. Sunday morning, after breakfast we went to a nearby lake. I did a lot of peddle boating. It was real fun. The lake was deep and the water was awesome. One of my colleague, dived into the water and swimed. It must have been so fun for him ... I wish I could swim. The boating experience was ultimate. After lunch, we checked out from the resort and went to Kashid Beach. This is where I had my fun loaded time. One of my colleague took his car and we drove in the beach. The shore was wide with hard sand, so driving was not at all difficult. We could drive without the fear of the car getting stuck. I managed to drive at 100KM/Hr. It was only the sea-breeze which was a limiting factor. This was the 1st time ever, I drove in a sea-beach; a place where you can drive without getting annoyed by the traffic or pot-holes in the road. The return journey was also good, but I was sleeping in the bus all the time. All in all the trip was a fun filled one and I had a lot of good times. Looking forward to more such outings.

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