Saturday, September 8, 2007

all these days...

Logged into blogger after so many days. After a lapse of around 2 months, I am again engaged into a priority 1 - severity 1 work, so back to the old days of hard work. Staying late in office, working in weekends. History repeats itself. I feel nice to work hard and stress myself. Only problem is that sometimes my minds get shut, I loose my commonsense when I feel that I am under tremendous work pressure. It was just yesterday, I was about to adopt a silly way to solve a problem. Had my friend did not come and rescue me at the right moment, I would have been toiling all night at office. I hope the work at hand will get over by end of this month. Otherwise life is going okay. Vitiligo sometimes bother me, but probably I have almost accepted it. Its my friend now, who will go along with me wherever I go. All in all life is going fine at its own pace.

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1 comment:

Amir said...

long delay is not a good habit.Never bother from any disease because it is not a good act for human being and in case of vitiligo it is widely spread disease.and vitiligo statistics shows that about 50 to 65 million peoples are suffering from it.