Saturday, October 6, 2007

one year... countless thoughts

time and tide seriously don't wait for anyone... with the 2nd week of the 10th month of the year now going, I really find it difficult to figure out how the year 2007 passed off. However 2007 seems to be one of the most different year of my life. As I can rightly christen it as a year full of credits, losses, countless emotions, numerous sentiments and the list goes on. Sometime ago, I felt that I should not write my own stuffs in my blog, because blog is a place which is always exposed to the world. But the next moment I felt that the people around me are too busy to peep into my life through my blog. My blog has been a great friend of mine throughout this year, whom I approached when I was down or in the days of celebration. My blog is a good listener to me and so I love it the most. Year 2007 was the year when I spent the maximum amount of time in a solitary and lonesome mode. Never in my life, I could give so much of time just to myself. This year was professionally too good for me. I worked very hard in some months of the year and I got credited for that to my satisfaction. I also spent some of the nicest time with my friends. Two memorable events was the Goa trip in March and Alibaugh outing in September. But year 2007 was not always kind to me. I had to encounter some very depressing moments in this year. There were times when a sense of despair ruled my heart and soul in this year. Some posts in my blog rightly reflects those. Although those moments were extremely difficult to face on my part, but somehow everything was managed. I won't go into any more details about those worst mo of 2007. Everytime, I thought the Sun would shine tomorrow, but it rained. Nevertheless, I learnt a lot of things from those sucking times which may be helpful in living life in a better way in the future. Now as just only 2 months to go for another new year, I hope its fruitful to wait and watch the future. As someone rightly said, it can't rain all the time. The year 2007 was a year of countless thoughts for me. I saw and came across some real pictures of life... and also to some extent I tried discovering myself all through this year. Closing this post with the optimistic notion that not all who wander are lost...

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