Thursday, August 16, 2007

Red Red Wine...

"Wine" a term usually related to celebration, good moments. How far can one travel to get wine? 1km... 10km... 100km... or 500km ??? Yes, me and my friend traveled 500km(to-fro) from Pune. It all started with a random plan that we decided to go to Sangli (a place 250kms away from Pune, known for its wine vineyard) to see the vineyards there and the processing plants. We started from Pune at around 2pm. The journey was through Mumbai-Bangalore Highway (NH4). It was raining moderately and hence it was real fun to drive. I myself don't drink wine, but it was all for the driving pleasure and to see the vineyard that I agreed upon the plan. I don't say myself to be a very good driver, but I find driving very much relaxing and soothing. We reached our destination at around 7pm. The place is known as Krishna Wine Park, and it comes under Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. The person there showed us the processing plant, the big chambers where the wines are stored and told us in brief about the varieties of grapes. It was really great to see and know those stuffs. We reached back home by around 12midnite. The drive, the vineyard ... proved a real cool combination and a memorable experience for both me and my friend.

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