Sunday, August 18, 2013


1.5 years ago when I had planted random plants in the balcony of my apartment, it was just to make the balcony look little green which is otherwise so barren. Interestingly, I ended up harvesting around 750gms of French Bean, more than a 1 Kg of tomatoes and 6 lemons so far. But, what I discovered this morning was amazing. I had put 3 mango saplings in one tub, and over the time the saplings have grown quite leafy and resembles a thick shurb. I saw a small bird's nest being built in the midst of the saplings with the leaves of the mango plants. The nest is engineered very well and I have seen a small bird (smaller than a sparrow), coming and going to the nest. I think its still under construction and the bird hasn't yet got the possession. But it was so nice and cute to see the nest. An ashiyana coming up inside mine.  

Home Sweet Home
Ashiyana (आशियाना ) is a Hindi word meaning 'Home'

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