Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Year That Was!

Every time I sit on the last or the second last day of the year to recollect and pen down how the year was which is about to be over now, I once again realize how fast time flies. If physics says it travels at the speed of light, but in a more layperson's term like mine, it travels faster than my thoughts. The whole year was like any other previous years because I am still living in the same city, working for the same employer and lived alone, solo for almost 9 months of the year. Ofcourse "solo by choice". I always loved it and will keep loving it.
However, in my own way of putting it down, the year was professionally far better than most of the previous years. It was enriching, working on newer and contemporary stuffs, if not anything ground breaking. I could get a publication in one of the IEEE's conference along with my colleagues. Hope to get more in the upcoming years and wish to have it on one of the tier - 1 conferences. People says change is vital for anyone to come out of the carapace and experience new things and I could see how true it is indeed! I felt relieved to come out of the monotonic work which I was doing for past many years, disassociate myself from some people inflicted with extreme illusory superiority attitudes, and some others who have been bestowing just "fundaes" in their whole professional lives and ironically they are still flourishing! Sad but true. Definitely not my type of people with whom I wanna spend 40hrs a week. Wish to experience more changes in the upcoming year.
On the personal front, life did not change much. I have been the same old person, may be little more matured or its just the reflection of my age! We welcomed a new member to our family, my nephew! I read more number of books in the whole year than any of the past many years and letting other people know it here. I think, I also increased my presence in Twitter and Quora. I was totally fascinated by Quora when I started using it and using it more and more. If Wikipedia is about facts, Quora is probably about human thoughts. Many a times its difficult to question our own opinions and viewpoints about something until we know what others think about it from a different perspective. Quora is the right platform for that to happen. Judge things from many angels and increasing our own thinking corpus. I watched 96 movies of different languages in the whole year. 1 movie every 4 days! Not Bad... hmmm? I am very good in housekeeping and I have recorded the name  of the movies I watched in here. I did not go out holidaying or vacation much in the year. Been to a place called Tarkarli in Konkan Maharashtra with my friends. It was a good as well as a disastrous trip. Had written about it before. In search for a greener pasture or a livelihood, been living far from my native place for more than a decade now and in all these years, I have not met many of the close family relatives due to one reason or the others (excuses?). It was very tragic and shocking at the departure of a few of my such close relatives in this year. I should have met them in person atleast once in all these years. An ill feeling which will probably be with me for the many years to come. Most of the whole year was spent just  in the viscous circle of home -> work -> home and even though I/we crib about it, that's what is life, I guess.
2013? As always, no resolution at all. I have a wishlist though; hope to see atleast some of it seeing the light of accomplishments. Above all, I just hope and wish the coming year to be a normal year, if not anything extraordinary! 

Wishing all a very happy, joyous and peaceful New Year  - 2013!

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Mukesh Soni said...

Hope you tick off all items in your wishlist in 2013!

saurav said...

Thanks Mukesh :-)