Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oops.. 4 months already passed....

1st official post in 2012. 4 months have passed without even realizing it. Am I am too busy with the elephant now? Or, may be its just an excuse for a stale blog. Life is going okay-dokay type. Too much imbibed into work to think about anything else. Again, my productivity in this time of the year really goes down due to the heat and I am too much reluctant and unwilling to increase my carbon foot print by buying devices to resist the summer. On an another note, over the last one month, I have adopted a new hobby (really?) to do gardening in whatever space I have in the balcony of my apartment. I have all together 7 - 8 varieties of plant now. One hibiscus shrub, a jasmine plant, an infant mango tree, a toddler lemon tree,  an aloe-vera, one tulsi and I don't know the name of other two plants. I am taking utmost care of all of them, watering it every morning and evening, putting all raw kitchen wastes so as to give them some organic manure. A few of them have started blooming too, and it feels nice. I always loved gardening when I was a kid, but the interest was buried in some dark corner inside me for last 12 years or so. Although a  majority of these inactivity can be attributed to one reason or the other, some being genuinely valid. Anyways, better late than never. Its fun to see the plants growing in front of you. I am looking out for getting organic fertilizers to over-clock the plant's growth, but alas! eBay, flipkart, infibeam ... none sell fertilizers :-( I am planning to grow some green chili plants to cater my miniature need.

Can you spot the lemon?
Sweet Child O' Mine !!

In Bloom
A Violet By A Mossy Stone?

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