Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Devil Of Small Things

Often, while on the flow of life, I get irritated by small things which I feel should be a common sense on the other person's part. I see educated people around doing silly stuffs which are not at all expected from them. Probably, common senses are not so common and only education can't teach you all these. After all common senses are senses and one need to be sensible to acquire those. Just a few examples of things I observe in my daily life, which I find really irritating and annoying.

  • I often see people in my office cafeteria carrying newspapers to the table from the common newspaper section and not putting it back once they are done. Probably, they are so busy or have such a hectic work schedule ahead, that it just slipped their mind. Similarly, not pushing back the chair after he/she leaves.
  • Another common annoying thing is observed in the elevators. Many people, never waits for people to get out of the elevator and start entering as soon as the elevator door opens.
  • Breaking the Queue. I already wrote about it in one of my earlier blog posts. Not observing the discipline of the queue in public places should be made an offence.
  • Going on the wrong direction of the road, just to avoid a few yards of an 'U' turn.
  • Unnecessarily talking to waiters in restaurants in a dominating voice. Remember, we pay for the food and service and don't actually buy the waiters.
  • Indisciplined way of parking vehicles in common parking area. Some people often park their vehicle with an attitude of "It's Okay", making it difficult for others. Vehicle parking is a skill which is acquired over a period of time, but but not knowing how to park a vehicle can't be an excuse, specially in a common parking space.
  • And the list goes on... 

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1 comment:

shilpahak said...

quite true .. I also hate it when people immediately close the lift doors when they see someone entering if stopping on another floor will have them waste their whole lives