Friday, May 28, 2010

being idle in solitude

"If you are idle, be not solitary. If you are solitary, be not idle."
                                                               -- Samuel Johnson
As they say, an idle brain is a devil's workshop. And, solitary idleness is worse than that. I read it somewhere that loneliness is a state of mind when one can't live with oneself. Its a situation when someone stops liking oneself and finds it difficult to lead life with his own life. A difficult thing indeed. But if the mind is possessed with something productive, or just with pleasant things, one can never be lonely. Time just flew through the window. But its hell if idleness and solitude comes hand in hand. Looking at my own life, I can very well perceive the depth of it. It really becomes hard to move on with myself when I am both idle and solo, life feels like a wet blanket. It makes you see the dark side of everything, rebuke yourself, and just one phrase reigns the supreme... What If !!! Sooner you come out of the idleness, the better it is. Else, it becomes difficult to spend the Friday evening ...

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Sravan said...

I like solitary idleness. I used to be in that state for hours at end in the past, and slowly such situations have transformed into states where my imagination is in play. I see the phrase "what if" as another neat trigger to that imagination. That said, in the company of a movie or a book one is never alone unless by choice.

I know what you mean by "a state of mind when one can't live with oneself" and that in fact is not only related to solitude and idleness. Ever since watching Stephen Daldry's The Hours I've come to associate that state with that title. One probably needs to alter something to get past those hours, and that debate as to change what itself could be useful.

saurav said...

@Sravan Very True... Looking forward to watch the movie you mentioned .. Thanks.