Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Q" or Kyun ?

Whenever I stand in a queue waiting for my turn, a question always arises in my mind. "Why an average Indian don't respect the queue ?" I really don't know what goes in the mind of a person who never (or want to) respect the queue ? Is it a mere ignorance or a sign of arrogance ? Recently, I was standing in the queue of departmental store waiting for the billing, I saw a lady in her mid thirties with a kid suddenly breaking the queue and joining another queue. Another lady who was already in that queue protested, but this lady just replied that she saw no one when she came and started putting all her stuffs in the billing desk. The poor billing guy seemed helpless. I kept observing such incidents. Many times a polite remark of "Please Come in the Queue"  works, but sometimes not. Here is something for such "Breaking the Queue" type of people...

Do you feel more important than the people queuing in front of you?
-> Start having respect for others. Respect for one another let the world go. Even the planets in the solar system respects each other, just avoiding a collision.

Do you assume you are in a legitimate hurry whilst the other people on the queue may be in no rush at all?

-> If your are in real hurry and will miss your train and you have very few items to bill, just share it with the people ahead of you.

Do you assume your time is more precious than the next person’s?
-> Its high time that you rethink again.

Do you feel it is demeaning to wait in line for your turn?

-> You are wrong. Your respect for the queue and other people in the queue will show that you are a well mannered and well cultured person.  

We were once told in school by our Principal while queuing for something that the rule of thumb to maintain the queue is to remember who is infront of you. And, I still follow it. We should always know that its our behavior which ultimately is our identity. So stop behaving like "Kyun" [Why] when you are in a "Q" !!! 

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