Sunday, February 14, 2010

End of Terror Free Break...

So, perpetrators striked my city yesterday evening... German Bakery, an iconic hangout place in Koregaon Park known for the Osho Ashram, a number of food joints and homes of some of the richest people of the city, and a place frequented by foreigners. But is that the end of the ambiance of Koregaon Park or KP, as we name it ? Come on, give me a fucking break. History says, where there are civilised people, there are uncivilized ones. And often these uncivilized beasts are laggards who will try to pull behind the civilized ones by doing these types of heinous deeds of killing innocent people. Terrorism is something we have to live with it, and the people who preach terror, like the carriers of germs are something who will keep doing their filthy stuffs. And probably there is no vaccine for that. Lets bear the brunt of neighboring the beasts for 60 years now. And, we think of having aman ki aasha, having peace projects with them. What the Fuck? But I still think about those people who live here, eat here, drink here, but also provide logistics for carrying out such flagitious deeds ...  While the friends and families of the victims will have to live with the consequences forever, the incident will soon be forgotten. Probably we Indians believe in life goes on to such an extent that we end up feeding mutter-paneer to terrorist in jail and comforting him for more than a year now. Because we still follow the saying that "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind", let the beasts bordering us make all of us blind. We wont retaliate. Lets do bilateral peace talks, hold peace projects, while they laugh at us. Shame on Us !!! We were safe for last 14 months... too long a time without a terror attack in India. And, we have it now.

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In search of something called LIFE said...

you should seriously consider being writer by profession. What say? nicely written dude!

saurav said...

@In search of something called LIFE

Thanks :-)