Friday, September 4, 2009

@ Jakarta

I came to Jakarta (Indonesia) for an official task. Except for the hectic work schedules, I loved the place, and the overall feeling of being here. Two things which made me kept wondering are Indonesia's currency and the sky-scrappers. Here everything you pay in terms of thousands. 6,000 as the minimum taxi fare... 35,000 for a juice and so on. Downtown Jakarta is full of high rises and are in the shape of 50 - 60 floors. Jakarta is clean, but traffic is as congested as back home. Food is too yummy. I tried English, Chinese, Maxican and even Indian food here and liked the food too much. Roads are ruled by Toyota. Many cars of Indian roads like swift, estilo, innova are also seen here. Local people are very polite and hospitable. Cute pretty ladies are an extra charm of the places. Even though Indonesia is an Islamic nation, but frequency of working girls at restaurant, offices and hotels will be far more than India. It was nice to be in here for my overseas assignment. I experienced Mercedes Benz for the 1st time in life and also got the experience of getting evacuated from a high rise for earthquake.

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